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K - UVC Sanitizer Box UV Sterilizer 99% Cell phone charging case Aromatherapy USB Charging White Black

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⚡ 99.9% SANITIZATION - Equipped with UVC lights on both sides, our portable UV sterilizing box can disinfect 99%, allowing you to quickly disinfect your daily gadgets easily.

🏠 CHEMICAL FREE STERILIZATION- No Chemical residues, using the power of the sun or UVC rays to disinfect. Family friendly, Low Environmental, Use Multiple times and no garbage or chemicals generated

🔋 USB CHARGING – While the box is disinfecting, you can charge your cellphones and devices inside the box.

🔊 VOICE GUIDE- announces start/complete of sterilization and other functions.

🔌 AROMATHERAPY- Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the Aromatherapy will leave your gadgets with a relaxing smell, turn your home office, bedroom into a spa center.

📱 TRAVEL SIZE – It is small to travel, but large enough to fit most cell phone devices up to 6.9inches (including the biggest iPhone, Samsung models), you can also place your masks, glasses, jewelry, watches, car keys, airpods. Use at home, office, car or take with you on your travel trips.