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UV Sanitizer Wand USB Rechargeable UVC Sterilizer 99.9% Sterilization Cordless

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Black UV Sanitizer Wand USB Rechargeable Large Size

⭐️99.99% Sterilization third party lab tested and verified for Effectiveness. GMicro Test by microbiology lab provided to show effectiveness. All proper Certifications for this product provided including FCC and CE Certifications

⭐️USB rechargeable, fully charge in around 60mins and can be then used cordlessly disinfecting around the home or workplace

⭐️Magnet at bottom with a Rotating joint that can stick to metal surfaces and tilted to disinfect surfaces for longer periods of time if needed. Hands-Free Option

⭐️Non-chemical sanitizer leaves no chemical residue, safe for families

⭐️Always use face down or away from persons. ONLY use on objects and surfaces

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