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Fit Pro

Smart Watch Waterproof Fitness Wrist Bracelet Sleep Pedometer monitoring Black Red Green Purple Blue

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šŸŽØ [Choose from 5 Colours] Unisex and Sleek Smart watch in 5 colours: Black, Red, Green, Blue and Purple. Limited Quantities available. All colours in stock

āŒš [Functional] Give you readings anytime fitness and health readings conveniently and easily. Adjust size to fit wrist.

šŸ”‹ [Rechargeable] Plug into USB port for charging. Charge at night for all day wear

šŸ’¦[Water Proof Design] Perfect for All day wear, practical use

šŸ˜“ [Tracks Sleep] Monitor your Sleep quality and length

šŸƒā€ā™‚ļø [Fitness tracker] Pedometer to track steps and fitness progress

šŸ“± [Connect to phone] Remote controlling of the phone camera, taking photos by pressing button on watch. Great for selfie sticks or taking photos from a distance, sms, reminders, messages

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