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A - 5 Pairs 3D Laser Mink Synethic 25mm Natural Look Faux Eyelashes high quality

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🎀5 Pairs- Box of Mixed Eyelashes that is Versatile and has Eyelashes for a Natural Day look, Formal look, and Glamorous Evening look. Eyelashes that are perfect for Everyday wear.

✨Most Natural Synthetic Eyelashes: "Laser Mink" Technology are individual synthetic mink lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection, and versatile at the same time. ... The world's first laser-processed extensions that are made for 25% longer-lasting retention time. Individual strips are labelled with their curls, thicknesses, and lengths.

🤩 Thick and Long - The Length is about: 25mm. You will be the most eye-catching and prettiest person in the audience after wearing our false eyelashes.

🦋High Quality and Handmade - Fashionable false eyelashes are made of faux 3D mink which is very soft and hypoallergenic. Each False Eyelashes is handmade so each eyelash will have a natural look and will not look the exact same

😍5 Pairs & Durable - With 5 pairs faux mink eyelashes, you don’t need to worry no eyelashes to use or spending too much money on them. It is reusable if being used and removed properly.

🎁Gift- It is beautifully packaged in a holographic rainbow coloured box. Perfect gift, with Versatile and mixed lashes that will give natural, glamorous and formal looks. Great gift for woman of all ages to be Modern, yet timelessly beautiful, natural and add a touch of glamour.