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    Jennifer Lopez Biography and Personal

    Jennifer Lynn Lopez also known as la Guitara was born on July 24, 1970. Her parents came to New York from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Jennifer is the middle of three sisters. Early at the age of 7, young Jennifer Lopez went on her first tour - around New York City with her dance class. At the age of 16 Jennifer got a little break with a bit part in the film My Little Girl (starring Mary Stuart Masterson). But Jennifer's first love was still dance, and then Jennifer read about a scholarship to a dance school in Manhattan. At this time Lopes was working in a law office and taking her dance classes. When Jennifer's mother gave her the ever popular you live by my rules as long as you live under my roof speech Jennifer Lopez took that as her cue to break out on her own.

    After an extensive nationwide search, Jenifer Lopez was chosen to play Selena Quintanilla Perez, in the official biopic of the life of the fallen Tejano star. Taking part in the production of Selena would impact Jennifer's life in many ways. On the personal side, Jennifer's fiancéé, Ojani Noa, proposed to her at the wrap party for Selena. The couple had met in Miami while Jennifer was filming Blood And Wine with Jack Nicholson. Ojani, was an aspiring model working as a waiter at Gloria Estefan's restaurant. Jennifer Lopez and Ojani were married in Miami on February 22, 1997, after knowing each other less than a year. Jennifer's sudden rise to fame with the release of Selena the following month would put an excessive strain on the marriage, and the couple filed for divorce just a little over a year after they were married.

    Jennifer herself remains tightlipped - and rightfully so - on the subject of her personal life. Back on the professional level, Jennifer's role as Karen Sisco in 1998's Out Of Sight, opposite George Clooney, has brought Jennifer into the major leagues, making her the highest paying Latina actress in history. Playing Selena also brought back Jennifer's interests in being the all around entertainer, and then Lopez decided to record a demo of her singing, completely in Spanish. After a bidding war among a number of record companies, Jennifer Lopez was signed to Sony Music's Work Group label. Her first CD, a pop album with a Latin flavor (although mostly in English) was released June 1, 1999. Working with the likes of Emilio Estefan, Rodney Jerkins and Sean Puffy Combs, the music world is buzzing that Jennifer is the next Gloria Estefan set to become the mainstream Latin crossover star Selena herself surely would have been, had she been given the chance. That early prediction seems accurate, as her first single, If You Had My Love shot to 1 on the Billboard chart, and has been certified platinum. Now preparing for Shall We Dance Movie. We all excpect many more albums from Jennifer Lopez.

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