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BUY Jennifer Lopez DVD
Let's Get Loud Excellent price, this is a must have. Jennifer Lopez was born in 1970 is an American musician and actress who was noted for her roles in such films as Jack (1996), Selena (1997), Anaconda (1997), and U Turn (1997); and for such albums as J. Lo. (2001), and On the 6 (1999).
BUY Harry Potter 5 V (Five) - DVD
Rowling, Joanne Kathleen born in 1966 is an English author noted for such works as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter 5 and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter 5 and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and probably she will write more books. If you haven't start reading books you can buy all dvd-s or you can buy all books and start one by one. In either case make sure you read them in ORDER, in Order of Phoenix!
BUY Matrix Reloaded DVD
Matrix Reloaded Movie - Astonishing!!!
I could finish the review now!
I am impressed! The film is rich with action, romance, and some comedy. Action scenes have many new features similar to dodging bullets and slow motion captions, and that makes Matrix Reloaded very creative and enjoyable to watch. There were some children's fantasy stuff and not satisfying computer graphics, but if you pushed all that away, it's one of those films which you cannot ignore it. Story of Matrix Reloaded line is a bit poor and couldn't keep up with the first Matrix film in terms of philosophy. It was very satisfying though. Have a look on the interview, trailer, and other details about The Matrix Relaoad Movie View Matrix Reloaded Trailer.
BUY Lord of the Rings Two Towers DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - Awesome!!!
I am delighted! Even though The Two Towers is quite complicated story. Fitting it into three hours can make some scenes seem a little rushed to those who have read the book. Many say that the book Two towers is much better than a movie. Anyhow, in this edition there will be abtou 40 minutes added on to The Two Towers in the Extended Version. This edition will make the movie so much better as it will feel less rushed. Don't miss this DVD especaill if you haven't read the two towers book.
BUY Eminem 8 Mile Movie DVD
8 Mile - Rap star Eminem makes a strong movie debut in the 8 Mile Movie, an urban drama that makes a fairly standard plot fly through its gritty attention to detail. Jimmy Smith (Eminem), nicknamed B Rabbit, can't pull himself together to take the next step with his career--or with his life. All in one 8 Mile is worth seeing.[]
BUY Angelina Jolie Lara Croft Tomb Raider DVD
Angelina Jolie (born Voight in 1975), is an American actress noted for her roles in such films as Beyond Borders (2002), Tomb Raider (2001), Original Sin (2001), Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000), Girl, Interrupted (1999, Oscar), The Bone Collector (1999), Pushing Tin (1999), Playing by Heart (1998), Hell's Kitchen (1998), Playing God (1997), Love Is All There Is (1996), Foxfire (1996), and Hackers (1995) and Without Evidence (1995).
BUY Evanescence Bring Me to Life CD DVD
Evanescence is a new alternative band with albums named Bring Me To Life and Fallen. Their single will be used for upcoming movie "Daredevil". Buy them first and reveal Evanescence to your friends with the song Bring Me To Life. Evanescence music is a mix of alternative and emo. Although the band's name Evanescence may suggest a sudden vanishing, the music of Evanescence is poised for longevity get their "Bring Me To Life" let them make you dance. The best of all songs is "Taking Over Me", not Bring me to life, I can just listen this song over and over.
BUY Seabiscuit Movie DVD
Seabiscuit is truly brilliant movie. Tobey Maguire is Red Pollard, Seabiscuit's jockey. Seabiscuit is based on the bestselling novel by Laura Hillenbrand, the movie stays true to the book all the way. We get details about Pollard's life and where he came to be in the movie as Seabiscuit's jockey. Jeff Bridges is Charles Howard, a man who decided to race horses after the death of his only son involved him dying in a car accident.

Pollard, Howard, and Smith are bought together to help Seabiscuit become one of the best racehorses in American history. Pollard overcomes being blind in one eye, ends up having his leg broken. The Seabiscuit movie is excellent without compromise and it is definitely this year's best movie.

This movie is very redeeming to people who have fallen on hard times. See Seabiscuit now!

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