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    Christina Aguilera Biography and Personal

    Christina Maria Aguilera was born on December 18th 1980, in Staten Island, NY. She is a petit 5.2 inches. Regardless of her disputed weight and height, Christina has undoubtedly great fashion sense. Christina Aquilera is the daughter of a father in the military and a violinist/pianist mother who toured Europe with the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

    "I wanted to perform as long as I could remember" says Christina, looking with her deep blue eyes. Christina first began performing in school talent shows. As an eight-year-old she appeared on the nationally syndicated "Star Search", at age ten she sang the National Anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins, and then, at age 12 landed a spot on the "New Mickey Mouse Club" appearing on the Orlando-based show along with several other future stars, including Britney Spears, J.C. and Justin of 'N Sync and the star of "Felicity," Keri Russell.

    After two years on the weekly Disney show, Christina Aguilera traveled overseas to further hone her musical skills. She recorded a duet, "All I Wanna Do," with Japanese pop star Keizo Nakanishi, appeared in the video and toured in Japan. Later that year, the young show biz veteran almost caused a riot at the Golden Stag Festival in Transylvania, Romania.

    On Aguilera's return to the States in early 1998, Christina was invited to audition to record, "Reflection," for the Disney animated film Mulan. The studio's search for a powerful voice with a wide vocal range quickly ended. They needed someone "who could hit a high "E" above middle "C," according to Christina Aguilera. At her manager's request, Christina cut a one take demo on her boombox in her living room singing to a karaoke tape of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Run To You."

    On her debut album for RCA, Christina continues to define herself and showcase her special voice. From the sparkling upbeat dance-pop of the first single, "Genie In A Bottle," to the guitar driven, heartfelt fun of "What A Girl Wants", to the soulful gospel strains of "So Emotional" and the truly awe-inspiring ballad, "I Turn To You", Christina's powerful affecting voice intertwines the themes of finding your own identity with the uncertainties of growing up.

    "I was thrilled to work with so many great producers on this album," gushes Christina. Recent hitmakers Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers ['N Sync, Boyzone, Brand New Heavies] contribute a pair of tracks - the pop-soul "Love For All Seasons" and the rousing dance-floor smash "Love Will Find A Way." "Genie In A Bottle" was produced by ex-System member David Frank and Steve Kipner.

    With numerous television appearances to a celebrity of her caliber, it is not surprising that Christina Aguilera has recently been approached by a number of directors for roles in films going into production this summer. But, this blond beauty with dazzling blue eyes and sexy young body is going to wait a bit before pursuing more time in front of the camera. "Right now, I'm continuing to focus on my singing," says Christina, "I've been waiting for this moment my whole life." Never the less she wrote a book, now known as Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera.

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