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    Britney Spears Biography and Personal

    Britney Spears was Born on second December 1981, Kentwood, Louisiana, United States. Britney is one of the last teenage superstars of this millennium. Brittney Spears enjoyed her breakthrough success at the end of 1998. She appeared in local dance revues and church choirs as a young girl, and at the age of eight auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club. Although Britney was too young to join the series, a producer on the show gave her an introduction to a New York agent. Britney Spears subsequently spent three summers at the Professional Performing Arts School Center.

    Eventually Ms. Spears appeared in a number of off-Broadway productions as a child actor, including Ruthless (1991). Spears returned to the Walt Disney Channel for a spot on The Mickey Mouse Club, where Britney Spears was featured for two years between the ages of 11 and 13. Britney Spears began to audition for pop bands in the New York area, her demo tapes eventually landing on the desk of Jive Records' Jeff Fenster. Britney Spears expensively groomed by Jive, who put Spears in the studio with Eric Foster White. Britney's single "... Baby, One More Time", and album of the same title. They also set up a promotional free phone number where fans could listen to Spears' music and interviews throughout the summer of 1998, which was not fake as it was rumored.

    Britney Spears toured American venues for a series of concerts sponsored by US teen magazines, eventually joining 'N Sync on tour. The careful planning paid off when Britney's debut album and single went on to top the American charts at the start of 1999. The album and single enjoyed similar success in the UK and Europe. The ballad Sometimes and the funky (You Drive Me) Crazy were also substantial transatlantic Britny's hits. Born To Make You Happy spread over the UK charts in January 2000. The demand for new Spears material was satisfied when her sophomore set, Oops! ... I Did It Again (and Britney did it), was released in May. We all excpect many more albums from our sexy Britny Spears.

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